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Essential Oils for Yoga and Meditation

  With the increasing amount of stress in today’s world, many people are turning to outlets like Yoga and meditation to unwind and relax the body. But did you know it is also a perfect time to incorporate essential oils? With their therapeutic benefits, essential oils can help assist in focusing and centering your mind … Read more

Essential Oils For Our Four-Legged Friends

If you are an animal lover and have pets at home, you know that they are literally another member of the family. We love our animals and we want to keep them as healthy and happy as possible. If you have made the choice to use all natural beauty products, household cleaners, organic foods, etc., … Read more

Health Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils

From filling your home with a lovely aroma, to providing a safe and healthy cleaning solution for your furniture, essential oils are a wonderfully diverse product to use regularly. Whether you already use essential oils, or are considering giving them a try, it’s important to be aware of the many health benefits that essential oils … Read more

Relieve: Natural Pain Therapy using Arnica

Aches? Pains? Have we got a product for you! Introducing Relieve; a new all natural pain management line that is specially formulated using Arnica Montana and Essential Oils to target issues like muscle and joint pain, muscle strain, swelling, muscle stiffness, and bruising. Relieve is chemical free, non-greasy, and long lasting. It deeply penetrates and … Read more

NEW! Ultra-Moisturizing Sugar Scrubs

Just in time for summer, we are excited to introduce our new ultra-moisturizing Sugar Scrubs, in three aromas: Lavender, Lemongrass, and Vanilla Orange! Made with organic plant extracts and 100% pure essential oils, these scrubs are perfect for face and body. Different than most sugar scrubs on the market, this formula is thick and creamy, … Read more

Flower Power!

“April showers bring May flowers!” For a limited time only we are offering the Flower Essential Oil 3 Pack containing three of our most popular flower essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Lavender. As a bonus, we threw in two of our favorite floral soaps: Lavender and Rosewood Geranium!   About the oils: Geranium: Calming, … Read more

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Pumpkin Spice is Nice!

Fall is officially here and as such, we welcome in our new Pumpkin Spice Aromatherapy Herbal soap. It’s a delightfully spicy soap with a scent that will pick you up in a big bear hug of comforting warmth. If you were searching for a signature aroma for Fall, this is it. Made with rich plant … Read more

We Love Chamomile!

It may look like a daisy, but don’t be confused! This little beauty makes a great essential oil! Chamomile, a flower that can grow up to one foot in height, has been used in aromatherapy for its benefits through inhalation, consumption, and in topical applications. Chamomile has been said to be helpful for skin issues … Read more

We Love Black Pepper!

Black Pepper has centuries of history behind its spicy aroma and is one of the oldest and most important spices around. It has been used as a seasoning and as medicine throughout history. Much like salt, Black Pepper was used also as a traded commodity (often referred to as “Black Gold”) and was one of … Read more